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7 Bright Ideas for Hosting Holiday Guests

Whether you are hosting holiday guests for a night or a week, get ready to welcome holiday guests with open arms. Here are seven activities you can use when entertaining holiday guests this winter season.

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How to Set Goals for the Whole Year and Not Just the New Year

Instead of creating broad statements, break your New Year’s resolutions down into small, actionable steps that you can work to achieve on a daily basis. Here are three of the most commonly made New Year’s resolutions and actionable steps on how you can achieve them this year.


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7 Foods to Prepare Your Skin for Winter

 Taking care of yourself through adequate sleep, daily movement, and mindful food choices can leave you feeling (and looking) great for the holiday season. If you want to really shine at all of your upcoming holiday parties, prepare your skin for winter with these seven foods that support healthy skincare.

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