At Simple Mills, we just got back from an exciting weekend at the Weston A Price Foundation's annual Wise Traditions conference.  At the conference, we met a number of people who learned about our products for the first time.  It was pretty great to hear their reactions to our products.  Some top questions we received at the conference included:

"Are your Almonds soaked?"  As a matter of fact, they are!  Prior to turning our almonds into almond flour, they're soaked.  Then, we remove the outside of the almonds (this is called blanching).  So why is this important? This removes the phytic acid (anti-nutrient) part of the almond.  Almonds that don't go through this process are inflammatory to the body.  After this process, almonds are highly anti-inflammatory.  Pretty cool, huh?

"Why do you use almond flour?" Almond flour is extremely nutritious, high in protein, high in fiber, and also has a low glycemic index!  This means that it doesn't make your blood sugar spike like traditional baked goods, or other gluten-free mixes.  As an added benefit, it also tastes pretty great!

"How do you get Almond Flour to do this? When I bake with almond flour, it never turns out this good!" Well, unfortunately we can't reveal our trade secrets, but we have to tell you, the recipes were months in development!

"Where do you sell your products?"  Right now, we sell our products in Whole Foods stores in the South region and select Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage in Denver, Texas, and Oregon.  However, we're adding more stores every week, so we may be in a store in your area very soon!

Check out the pictures from the event and see what you missed!  Simple Mills even provided muffins for the Sunday Brunch at the conference!  I hear some folks went back for seconds and thirds!




My husband’s fvtoriae sweet treat is the classic chocolate chip cookie. I tried this recipe out on him to see if it would pass the cookie test and it was a huge success! We both prefer these to the usual Nestle cookie recipe. I’ve made them twice now in the last two weeks. Have you ever tried using Agave with these instead of sugar? I’m just curious if they would hold up. Thank you for sharing!

Mar 05, 2015

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