The day has arrived! You wanted more and you've got more! Simple Mills now has two new mixes on sale. Try out our new delicious Focaccia & Sandwich Bread Mix and our scrumptious Chocolate Chip Cookies. 





Hi Jamie, Well, first, keep coming back here every day. I post at least two work-at-home jobs every day. You sholud also check out the forum at People post new jobs in the Telecommute folder every day, and the people there are very helpful. I found my current work-at-home job there, and I’ve been there for more than six years now. Put in resumes everywhere at once. Don’t wait for a response, as many of these companies take a long time to respond. Just keep applying all over, and use the time while you’re waiting to polish your resume. I work from home as a general transcriptionist. If you have typing abilities and excellent grammar and spelling, you may want to apply to some general transcription companies. Many will hire a newbie if he or she can pass a test. The WAHM forum also has an excellent Transcription folder on the forum. You’ll find stickies at the top with lots of information on getting started. Best of luck to you! Don’t give up. The perfect work-at-home job is out there for you. With persistence, you will find it. Lisa

Mar 05, 2015


OOooh, nom nom. I can’t make cookies very well but this looks likes a reipce that would be hard to screw up. I love no bake cookies when I’m in a pinch b/c they are pretty easy to make and I generally have all the ingredients!

Mar 05, 2015

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