Come meet us this weekend and taste some delicious Simple Mills treats. Our team has escaped the Chicago winter to hang out in LA all weekend, and we're totally enjoying the 70+ F weather, soaking up all the glorious sunshine we've missed in Chicago lately.

But we’re also learning a LOT about YOU, our customers in LA. Most notably, you are amazingly conscientious about low sugar/low glycemic content in the foods you buy off the shelves in your local groceries. Not surprisingly, you’re happy —and seemingly relieved— to see that Simple Mills' mixes contain half the amount of sugar in conventional baking mixes.

You told us that our mixes are exactly what you’ve been looking for, which of course makes us so happy. Honestly, we are so humbled by the number of fans we’ve met in LA and their incredible support. You’ve raved (really!) about our muffin mixes to others (telling them how delicious they are, how easy it is to make them, and why they choose Simple Mills and only Simple Mills). And not only did we witness the growing love for Simple Mills but we also saw one of the kindest fans that really boosted our morale. A customer brought a flower to Katlin, our company founder, and said,  "Thank you for doing what you're doing." Our team was so touched by her message, and her kindness reminded us in the nicest way why we do what we do. 


If you’re in or around LA, we hope you’ll come find us as we conduct demos in-store at the following locations:


Saturday, Jan. 24

Whole Foods Westwood 10am-2pm

Whole Foods Huntington Beach 10am-2pm

Whole Foods Beverly Hills 11am-2pm

Whole Foods Valencia 11am-3pm

Whole Foods West Hollywood 11am-3pm

Whole Foods Oxnard 3pm-7pm

Whole Foods Long Beach 4pm-7pm

Erewhon Beverly Blvd 5pm-8pm

Whole Foods on Fairfax 5pm-8pm


Sunday, Jan. 25

Whole Foods Santa Monica 10am-1pm

Whole Foods Wilshire 10am-1pm

Whole Foods Woodland Hills 10am-1pm

Whole Foods Pacific Coast Hwy 11am-2pm

Whole Foods Porter Ranch 11am-2pm

Whole Foods Newport Beach 2pm-4pm

Whole Foods Jamboree 2pm-4pm

Whole Foods Westwood 2pm-4pm

Whole Foods Sherman Oaks East 2pm-4pm




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