By: Eleanor Blackmer

Can you write about food blogs in a food blog? Let's call it a good ol' case of blog-ception.


I’ve always been into cooking, and really take pride in my ability to follow a good recipe.

My boyfriend and I are always in charge of our holiday meals – we plan out what we want to cook, send my dad to do the grocery shopping, and spend the day in the kitchen listening to good music and chatting while the rest of my family lends a helping hand (or kindly does the dishes).

However, life doesn’t always allow me the time to spend all day in the kitchen. It’s more about getting in and getting out in the least amount of time while maximizing nutrition and deliciousness. For these things, I turn to a few favorite bloggers to inspire me in the kitchen day in and day out.  Personally, I have been eating a diet that is more aligned with the Paleo diet in the past few months, but these resources aren’t all strictly focused on that diet – there’s something for everyone!


Zen Belly

  • Chef Simone opened Zen Belly, a gluten free and paleo-friendly catering company in the Bay Area, in 2007. While I sadly can’t experience her food for myself, I love following the Zen Belly blog and Instagram feed because her food photography is beautiful and her dogs are adorable.
  • Favorite Recipe by Chef Simone: Plantain Tostados with Cilantro Lime Chicken Ranchero Sauce 

Pinch of Yum

The Roasted Root


Be Well with Arielle


  • Arielle is all about “healthifying” recipes. While she’s not all gluten free or paleo-friendly, she’s got a lot of recipes  that are super delicious. She’s also got a great Instagram feed – I love her quick tip videos. Also, I had a chance encounter with Arielle at Expo West last month as she strolled by the Simple Mills booth one evening. She’s super sweet and it’s fun to root for someone that you’ve met in person.
  • Favorite recipe of hers: Maple Carrot Fries 


What food blogs do you love? What are your favorite sweet and savory dishes? We want to hear from you!



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