It’s amazing how easy it is to do the same thing, day after day. Maybe you eat the same turkey sandwich, drive the same way to work, or delight in your daily 3 o’clock latte. We are creatures of habit, day in and day out. I’ll be the first to admit, there’s a certain comfort that comes from my daily routine. Like a well-worn t-shirt, my routine keeps me predictably covered, fits just fine, and matches everything.  

It feels good to be the master of your routine, but at what point do you look to challenge yourself and broaden your horizons? I never set out to intentionally contemplate this. Maybe it was the new buds on the trees, the emerging tulips, or the smell of spring in the air, who knows?  Going about my daily routine, heading into yoga, when I saw a sign….literally right outside of the studio door mentioning a Barre teacher training workshop. 

I had gone to a few random Barre class in the past. In case its new to you, Barre is a type of fitness that is inspired by ballet, pilates, and yoga. They recently began offering Barre classes at the yoga studio I go to, and in just a few consistent classes I have been amazed at how fast it strengthened my whole body. Though it is low impact, it is very challenging. I didnt know what I was getting into with my first class, but by the end I was covered in sweat, pleasantly worn out, and happy with the results. 

Prior to seeing this sign, I had never considered the prospect of teaching school or fitness classes. After further consideration, I realized hadn’t taken any type of class since college! One thought quickly led to the next…when was the last time I challenged myself? When was the last time I got outside of my comfort zone and tried something new? I couldn’t answer that question, and the sign made it clear. I signed up for the class, and it was a long weekend of learning the moves, terms, toe taps, and attitudes. By the end of Sunday, I was sore but proud of myself for spending the weekend making new friends, and learning something new I can share with people I have yet to meet. 

For me, deciding to get certified was not just about being able to legitimately teach a class. Don’t get me wrong, I love Barre, and the process of getting certified has been really fun. More than my example, it’s about the story and a call to try something new that is outside of your comfort zone.

Spring has sprung, flowers are blooming, the air is crisp. With all of the newness in the air, why not start something fresh, try something new? Maybe for you its planting a garden, making a reservation at a restaurant you always wanted to try, taking a hike, that dream vacation, book recommendation, or even the neighbor across the way you havent gotten to meet. Personal questions have personal answers. What would fill your preverbal line? Certainly there is something that you have thought, dreamt, or are curious about!

We have the opportunity to explore every day. Routines are nice, but so is getting outside of them. I hope reading this has you thinking of how you can step out and try something new!


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