Is it just us, or has life gotten a little crazy lately? This week, our #simplelife blog post is just that - simple. Here are a few of our favorite ways to slow down, take a moment, and recharge.

  1. Go for a walk outside. Push your shoulders back, keep your eyes forward, and notice all the beautiful blooms that are coming from this spring and summer season.
  2. Better yet - find a hill and sprint up it a few times. Get your work out in for the day and get some help from those wonderful endorphins.
  3. Watch that movie or TV show that everyone gives you grief for liking!
  4. Feng shui - because why not?
  5. Make your own healthy-but-delicious ice cream. Check out the recipe here.
  6. Follow "The Dogist" on Instagram. There's nothing better.
  7. Make a list of things you're grateful for, or even just a simple to do list to help you organize your thoughts and plans. 

Now you tell us - what are your favorite ways to keep your cool? 

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