For my old job, I used to travel by plane 2-3 times per week. It’s really tough to maintain a healthy lifestyle at airports and in the air. After a few years of this, I picked up some healthy habits that I’ll share with you!

  1. Drink lots of water: I like to bring my glass water bottle with me and refill it wherever I can. The silicone sleeve on this one protects it in transit.

  1. Bring smart snacks: Keep a bag of dried fruit in your bag for an easy snack on the go, and for extra protein, carry some (real) beef jerky.

  1. Bring fruit that travels well: Oranges and clementines are easy to throw in your bag because they come with a built-in package (the skin!) and can take a bit of abuse in transit
  1. Treat your skin properly: On early morning flights, I would wait to do my makeup until the end of the flight, or once I reached my destination. Instead of my typical morning routine, I would apply some pure argan oil pre-flight to moisturize my skin in the dry cabin air.

  1. Stretch: I’m a big fan of yoga, and would make sure to do a few stretches pre-flight and during the flight – check out this guide to airplane yoga!


Sure, these tips are great...but we need your input too! What are your favorite tricks of the trade while on the road?

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