Keeping up with the theme of #BackToSimple, we want to bring you baking hacks and after school treats that are ideal for those mid-day cravings for something sweet. As school goes back into session, keeping our kids fueled throughout the day with good food is important. When using our baking mixes, you can create fun and easy recipes with your kids that take under 30 minutes.
Here are a few tips and tricks, along with 5 of our favorite go-to after school bites to make your kids excited for the school year ahead.

Who knew you could sneak veggies into brownies and still make them taste good? But we managed to do it and you can too! Sneaking spinach (or even zucchini) into your brownies is an easy way to get a dose of Vitamin A and iron - something our little ones could always use!

2. Zucchini Apple Banana Muffins

All kids love apples but when you can chop them up and put them into banana muffins? It makes the baking process that much more fun for them!

Pro Tip: Make these muffins with your kids Monday after school, freeze half the batch and save them for the rest of the week. They’ll look forward to them every day!

3. Double Chocolate Chunk Banana Bread Bars

The fresh smell of banana bread and chocolate baking in the oven, you just can’t beat it!

Pro Tip: Use fair-trade chocolate when baking that is at least 70% or higher. The higher the percentage, the less amount of sugar and higher the antioxidant level.

4. Mini Pizza Rounds

These pizza rounds are a hit at the Simple Mills office. Prep the dough yourself and then have your kids put on their favorite toppings - fresh veggies, organic cheese and grass-fed pepperoni sound like the dream team.

Pro Tip: Take your kids to your local farmer’s market to show them where their food comes from. Buy your meats, veggies and cheeses there just for these pizza rounds!

5. Bite-Sized Pancake Bites

These bites are an easy little treat to snack on during the afternoon that can unique to everyone’s taste buds. Add mini chocolate chips, chia seeds, freeze dried berries or peanut butter to make mini muffin-sized pancakes!

Pro Tip: Make our Simple Mills Pancake Mix according to the directions on box, fill in a mini muffin pan tin, add in mix-ins and bake for 25 minutes or until bites are golden brown. Freeze for later!

Try these recipes and tell us which one’s your favorite.

Tag them #BackToSimple on social media so we can see what you’ve come up with!

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