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Although we didn’t get much of summer in Chicago, we’re cozying up to the return of fall. A little less sunlight equals a little more time to experiment in the kitchen – and we’re definitely not mad about it. Sometimes, the hardest part of cooking is coming up with an idea of what to cook, so we’ve taken the guesswork out of the equation. Our favorite fall recipes are easy to find on pinterest…here are the top 10!

1) Ultimate Cookie Skillet  - Simple Mills Blog

  1. Add a layer of these all-natural, homemade marshmallows for the perfect campfire treat

2) Chocolate Bananas Foster Cake - Jessi's Kitchen

  1. If you don't like bananas, this recipe will change your mind. If you do like bananas, well...you can imagine what might happen to your taste buds when you try this recipe...

3) Healthy Vegan Pizza - The Whole Tara

  1. In a rush but need pizza? Us, too. This quick and easy recipe will satisfy your cravings as fast as you can get it into your belly!

4) Cinnamon Banana Pancakes with Mixed Berries  - Simple Mills Blog

  1. Perfect for a lazy weekend breakfast, or mimosa-filled brunch!

5) Southwestern Sweet Potato Quinoa Bowl - What's Gaby Cooking

  1. Fuel up with this nutrient-rich quinoa bowl - one of our favorite lunches in a rush.

6) Sweet Potato Fries with Sriracha Mayonnaise - Chef Billy Parisi

  1. Not to ruin your favorite appetizer, but restaurants often throw lots of unnecessary (and unappealing) ingredients onto sweet potato fries. Don't even get us started on the mayo! Stick with Chef Billy's version instead.

7) Simple Mills Grain-Free Breadsticks/Hot Dog Buns - Simple Mills Blog

  1. Give the kids what they really want! These two previously gluten- and grain-filled accents are now nutrient rich and will fuel your family.

8) Turkey and Sage Stuffed Apples - Running To The Kitchen

  1.  This recipe has fall written all over it. Is it Thanksgiving yet?

9) Grain-Free Sweet Potato Gnocchi - Simple Mills Blog

  1. Pasta is a tough one to give up. Indulge - and feel good about it! This gnocchi made with our Pizza Dough mix is out of this world.

10) Pumpkin Spice Overnight Oats - Califia Farms 

  1. Because what is fall without at least one pumpkin spice recipe?


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