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Out of the many restaurants that Chicago has to offer, there are a few that really make us drool! While we love to make our own simple creations at home, Chicago’s health food scene is growing, and we can’t help but take advantage every once in awhile! We’ve come up with a list of our top five favorite spots near our office that offer up breakfast, lunch, dinner and even smoothies, juices and snacks.

  1. Beatrix

  • If you’re looking for a place to brunch that’s on the borderline of healthy and comforting, look no further than Lettuce Entertain You’s Restaurant Beatrix. Beatrix opens as early as 7a.m. on weekdays offering a list of breakfast items, Metropolis and Intelligentsia coffee and a small selection of juices. This is the perfect place to bring family or friends visiting the city but be sure to book a reservation at least two weeks in advance! The wait can be up to two hours on weekends.

    1. Our favorite picks: Enjoying a breakfast of quinoa cakes with poached eggs and a tomato-basil sauce with an almond milk latte on the side.

    Located in River North and Streeterville.


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  • LYFE Kitchen

  • It’s hard to find a good restaurant chain these days that actually serves nutrient-rich foods while also being affordable. LYFE Kitchen, however, makes it work while at the same time offering vegan and gluten-free options. Did you know that LYFE stands for “Love Your Food Everyday”? With options like LYFE waters infused with lemon, mint and chia seeds and a thai red curry bowl for lunch and dinner, it’s hard not to love your food!

    1. Our favorite picks: Quinoa crunch bowl with quinoa tabbouleh, avocado, and edamame hummus with a side of baked sweet potato fries!

    Located in River North, Streeterville, Lincoln Park and Evanston.


  • Chicago Raw

  • When it comes to raw vegan food, Chicago Raw does it best in Chicago. With a takeaway program and three shops filled with raw, unprocessed meals and desserts, it’s hard to miss. The raw vegan selections here are composed of nuts like sunflower seeds and almonds, sweeteners like maple syrup and dates and of course, a wide variety of fresh produce like spinach, sweet potatoes and zucchini. If you’ve never had raw vegan food before, we suggest warming up to it with Chicago Raw’s Sampler Platter which features their zucchini noodle pasta and vegan meatballs.

    1. Our favorite picks: The extra thick and creamy acai bowl topped with housemade granola and berries for breakfast, the chicago raw rolls for lunch or dinner (think vegan sushi) and the decadent raw tiramisu made with dates, cacao powder and almonds (it’s even better if you put it in the freezer overnight).

    Located in Streeterville, the West Loop and Gold Coast.

  • Kingsbury Street Café

  • Right across from the largest Whole Foods in the city and third in the country is Kingsbury Street Café. This is the perfect place in Lincoln Park to grab breakfast or lunch, especially with a ton of options for if you are  following specific dietary needs. They offer hot organic teas, Ethiopian and Vietnamese coffee, chia seed pudding and a garden tofu scramble!

    1. Our favorite picks: We suggest popping in for lunch to try the vegan tuna melt with chickpeas and vegan dijonaise or a brussels sprout salad with goji berries. What’s better than a salad with superfoods?

    Located in Lincoln Park.

  • Kitchfix

  • Whenever we’re in a hurry to grab lunch and head back to our office, we head north to Gold Coast and pick up a meal at Kitchfix. All meals are paleo and gluten-free, made with plant-based ingredients, organic and local when possible. Menu items change weekly and range in sizes small to large, depending on how hungry you are. Kitchfix sells their own house made paleo granola and to top it off, our Simple Mills baking mixes are sold in their storefront. Bonus!

    1. Our favorite picks: The blackberry cashew yogurt made out of blended cashews, blackberries and paleo granola, the curry chicken quinoa bowl and the  golden chicken broth infused with garlic, ginger and turmeric. Yum!

    Located in Gold Coast.


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