We know, we know... it's way too cold outside and your bed is way too cozy to even think about going to the gym right now. However, getting up and releasing endorphins through exercise will help your physical and mental well being. If there’s a snowstorm outside or if even it’s just a little too chilly, we’ve put together a list of 5 simple exercises you can do without having to put on your snow boots and head to the gym.

1. If you live in an apartment with a staircase, walk up and down the staircase for 30 minutes. Try running it, too! It will become your very own stairmaster.
2. Next time you’re at Target, pick up two sets of weights: 3 and 5 pound. When it gets cold, whip them out and do small isometric movements using your triceps and biceps (like bicep curls). Try doing 3 sets of 20 reps of about 3-5 exercises. If you are familiar with how to use kettle bells, why not get a few to keep at home as well?
3. Waiting for your dinner to cook? Do 50 squats to pass the time. Brushing your teeth? That's a perfect time to get 2 minutes of squats in.
4. For yoga fans, we recommend doing an hour long video on YouTube. Our favorite is Tara Stiles’ yoga flow for strength and energy. It’s harder than it looks!
5. Right when you wake up do some quick stretches for 5-10 minutes. Then, do three 1-minute planks followed by 15 burpees. This will get your heart rate flowing and metabolism in full speed for the day.

    Some more of our favorite at-home workouts you can do in this blistery cold can be found at Shape.com and Popsugar.com.

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