A few weeks back, I was hosting a demo in Whole Foods, when something I've seen many times happened.  Children and husbands love to approach the Simple Mills demo and try our yummy baked goods.  Children see free food from a mile away and are concerned with one thing: does this free food taste good?  After passing the first test, children usually then run to mom - asking can we have them?  Off in the distance, I can see the mother, maintaining her distance so that she can be critical of the nutrition in our products.  This is always my favorite part!  It is so easy in grocery stores - even in Whole Foods - to find processed foods that aren't good for you.  Especially in the gluten-free section, processed foods are often laden with sugar and carbohydrate-rich grains.  It's always exciting to see people's reaction when they realize we want to be different - that we want to provide great nutrition and that we're Paleo-Friendly!  That's exactly what happened that day.  After a critical examination of our packages, the mother, who turned out to be Liz from modPALEO, came over thrilled to see Paleo baking mixes!  She and her family enjoyed our mixes so much that they actually wrote a review about us on the modPALEO Blog.  If you have a chance, please check out their website today!

REVIEW: Simple Mills Baking Mixes



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