While most are focused on who has the best commercial or the better quarterback, we’re just here for the food. Wow your favorite Big Game watching party with these healthy appetizers and desserts.

Your friends & family will never know that these crispy-on-the-outside, fluffy-on-the-inside breadsticks are grain-free.

Laces out for this chocolate treat!
A little spice and a lot of crunch go a long way with these Jalapeno Poppers.

We’ve swapped buffalo chicken for these vegan cauliflower buffalo bites.

Celebrate your team’s touchdowns with these laced up football cupcakes.

Football fans will rejoice with these veggie & hot dog filled football bits.

Bacon is our sneaky special ingredient to this classic dip.

Nothin’ beats the age old sweet & salty mix.

Dip into the game with this complementary mix of reishi & green olives.

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