Oh, coconut oil! It seems like everyone and their mother is using this magic ingredient these days,  but with so many amazing benefits, who wouldn’t?!

We can think of just about 1,000 ways to use coconut oil. From adding it into our muffin mixes when we bake to using it as a moisturizer, it’s multiple health benefits are why we find ourselves reaching for the jar again and again.
Coconut oil is over 90% saturated fat but because of it’s high lauric acid content (a type of healthier saturated fat that is more easily absorbed by the body and actually helps with weight loss), we can actually benefit from it rather than avoid it!

Just a few benefits of this miracle oil include increasing exercise performance, lowering your cholesterol, reducing your hunger while also keeping you fuller for longer (thanks to those medium chain tryglycerides) and boosting your brain function (we feel smarter already!).


Now that you know why coconut oil is such a powerhouse ingredient, here are some additional uses for it that we love:


-A tablespoon on a cotton pad to wipe off eye/face makeup
-Rub it onto your lips for a soothing lip balm
-Coat your legs with it in the shower instead of shaving cream

Around The House

-For those with crafty kids, use it to get those crayon stains off your walls!
-Keep dirt off of your garden tools
-Remove sticker labels from your plastic, glass or wood surfaces


-Use in replace of canola or olive oil when baking our muffins, cupcakes, bread and pizza
-To make desserts extra creamy and indulgent, add in (like these Matcha Coconut Cake Balls) about 2-4 tbsp and freeze! When the coconut oil freezes, the consistency is fudge-like
-Swap out butter for coconut oil and roast your veggies in it!

Keep in mind when purchasing coconut oil, try to be unrefined, virgin and organic when possible! Unrefined coconut oil has been pressed at a low heat and filtered, rather than refined which uses high heat. The high heat kills the active antioxidants and compounds in the coconut oil that are useful for us.


esther pearlman:

I am so impressed with your charming demonstration on muffins. I just had to tell you how much I loved your Almond Flour Crackers. I did eat the box of crackers in two sittings. I first ate 1/2 of the box of crackers, not the box, with guacamole. Then one hour later since the box was staring at me in the face, I decided to eat the rest of the crackers with a chocolate, almond milk, blueberry, protein drink. It was a wonderful snack as well. Good luck to you. Keep creating great things. Thanks, Esther

Aug 14, 2016

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