Ingredient Spotlight: Monk Fruit Extract, Organic Palm Shortening and – Simple Mills

Monk Fruit Extract

Thanks to monk fruit extract, our frostings contain less than half the  sugar that you will find in other leading brands. Monk fruit (also commonly referred to as lo han guo) originated in Southeast Asia. The extract is created when the seeds and skin are removed from this subtropical melon; the fruit is crushed and juice remains. Despite having no calories, the juice is much sweeter than regular sugar itself, which means all we need is a pinch in order to sweeten up our frosting! Our favorite part about using monk fruit extract is that because it is derived from a natural source, there are no funky aftertastes that would come from using artificial sweeteners.

Some other products we love that use monk fruit include this almond milk and dairy-free ice cream.


Organic Coconut Oil 

Rather than using vegetable oils in our frosting, we use organic coconut oil. We love coconut oil because it contains medium-chain triglycerides which give our bodies bursts of energy without spiking blood sugar. It also digests quicker than processed oils! To read more about why we love coconut oil, check out our blog post on it here.

Organic Palm Shortening

No hydrogenated oils here - our palm shortening is produced without hydrogenation. The palm oil we use goes through a process where it is extracted from the pulp of the palm tree fruit. It then goes through a series of steps that cool and filter it. Afterwards, the solids on the top are skimmed off and are then turned into the shortening itself.  

Now that you know a little bit more about what goes into our frosting, tell us some of your favorites way to use it!

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