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Ah, the first official day of winter! This day is also known as the “winter solstice”, which means it’s the shortest day and longest night of the year. The holidays are just a few days away and if you haven’t already, you’ll soon be busting out the snow boots, dreaming of an extra hour of sleep and a second cup of coffee.
To help you keep your spirits high during this chilly and dark time of the year, we’ve come up with a list of small tips & tricks that will help keep your mood merry & bright this winter:


Take a heated yoga class.

Trust us when we say from personal experience that nothing lifts our moods quite like entering a heated room and getting our blood flowing when the outdoor temperature is in the single digits. Find a local studio, take an hour to yourself and start to flow.

If yoga isn’t where you find your groove, try a new workout class nearby such as a crossfit gym, pilates studio or spin class for a solid winter sweat. Sometimes getting out of the house and into the studio is the motivation you need to get moving!


Cozy up with a hot cup of tea or make a soothing golden milk latte.

Golden milk lattes are one of the latest foodie trends, packed with the anti-inflammatory spice turmeric, blended with non-dairy milk and honey. Here is one of our favorite recipes from Registered Dietitian, McKel Hill of Nutrition Stripped. They are a relaxing way to end the day with a little something sweet and soothing!

For something on the not so spicy, not so sweet side of things, nothing beats a classic cup of tea. As winter can often bring on sickness, strengthen your immune system with this wellness sampler pack of tea.


Cut out processed and packaged foods and stick to buying items on the perimeter of your grocery store.

All of the fresh and seasonal produce is what your body needs, especially during this time of year. Stock up on squash, carrots, parsnips and apples - all perfect for roasting for mid-day snacks or blending into warming soups.


Don’t forget your supplements.

This tip isn’t for everybody, but as the days get shorter and the local produce picks get slimmer, we look to two supplements in particular. Probiotics and Vitamin D can be added into your diet easily and are recommended for gut health (probiotics) and helping to regulate your circadian rhythm (Vitamin D). To make sure you’re selecting the proper ones for your body, here’s a list of items to check for.


Spend time with your family and friends by baking better-for-you holiday treats.

Whether it’s watching a Christmas movie marathon, making a gingerbread house or baking this breakfast pizza together for Sunday brunch, spending time with loved ones is what the season is all about! Being around others helps elevate mood and thwart unwanted stress . Don’t forget to bake a batch of candy cane coated cupcakes!



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