The Simple Life of a Chicago Fitness Instructor: Elli Gotlieb – Simple Mills
As a Chicago-based company, we’re lucky to live in a city with dozens of gyms, studios and workouts offered daily by some of the most elite fitness professionals.It was about time we sat down with them and got to know them a little better! From what they’re favorite workouts are to their view on overall wellness, and the most important question… if they had to choose a Simple Mills baked good would it be chocolate or vanilla cake? (Pictured below: Studio Three’s Elli Gotlieb)
Elli Gotlieb, the current director of Brand Strategy and Chief Marketing Officer of Studio Three, has been teaching high-intensity interval classes at the River North studio for just a few months now. However, she’s been on the radar of the Chicago fitness scene since she started teaching at CorePower Yoga two years ago.


We sat down with her to learn a little bit more about her background, her goals for 2017 and her favorite yoga pose, among other things.


Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I am originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, completed my undergrad at Syracuse University and went to grad school at the Art Institute of Chicago for Journalism. I worked in design for four years in Chicago before committing to yoga.


How’d you get into fitness?
I had debilitating anxiety and unreal panic attacks so I went to see a doctor who wanted me to go on medication. However, my boyfriend at the time was into fitness and recommended I stop drinking alcohol and coffee instead and start working out. I then bought a Groupon for CorePower Yoga and that was it. My anxiety went away and I slowly got very into it (about 6 months).


What made you want be an instructor?
I was working full time at a design house, I was lethargic and wasn’t really looking to get into teaching but CPY Teacher Training was coming up and the instructors kept talking about it. It seemed like a good way to meet people that share similar interests. I went through it and the day I finished CPY training, my job went under so things fell into place.


“All of a sudden, I was so much lighter.”


Were you always healthy?
I didn’t really care when I was younger because I wasn’t motivated. But then I did a lifestyle overhaul and cut processed foods and that was instantaneous for me. I got into Michael Pollen documentaries then became a little unhealthy in the other direction, but came back into the middle and found that balance.


Your favorite workout class you’ve ever taken?
Townhouse in New York, it was that workout you think you’re going to die and then you realize how strong you are and when you leave, you think you can do anything.


“But if I need strength, patience or space for myself.. I go to yoga.”


What’s your favorite yoga pose?
Chin stands. And I love any pose that requires twisting.


What is one piece of you give your students for motivation?
Trust your journey. Who you are in your workout is who you are outside of class. You have to decide if you’re going to break down or break through.


What’s your goal for 2017?
Find a 500-hour yoga training certification and do it in Bali, hopefully.


Now for the food…


What is your favorite food?
It’s always seasonal. In the summer, I love hot dogs. I’m a big pumpkin person but I don’t really like butternut squash. I also love cheese and wine!


What’s your favorite restaurant in Chicago?
I love Kingsbury Cafe. They do really good breakfast items on the weekends, like a barbecue style eggs benedict.  


Do you have a favorite baked good?
Yes, from Sweet Mandy B’s I love the peanut butter style rice krispie treat.


Chocolate or vanilla cake?


To take a class by Elli, you can find her on Studio Three’s schedule weekly here.

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