Top 3 Ways to Keep Hydrated This Summer – Simple Mills

Now that it’s officially summer,  the temperatures are increasing and we’re spending more time under the sun that means staying hydrated is absolutely necessary. Drinking a glass of water is also a great quick fix for those afternoons when you’re feeling sluggish or not sure if you’re bored or hungry (hint: you’re probably bored).  We recommend buying a water filter such as a Brita to filter out any unwanted chemicals like mercury and chlorine. Then, keep it clean when you’re out and about by purchasing a BPA-free water bottle like one from S’Well. By buying glass or stainless steel bottles, the chemicals from plastic bottles will not leach into your water - especially in the hot summer heat!

But when plain purified water gets a bit boring, we like to switch it up with these three varieties of hydration:

Organic Coconut Water 

Not only is coconut water packed with electrolytes, but it’s sugar is naturally occurring which makes it a great alternative to soda without leaving your body in a sugar coma. One serving has 13% of your daily potassium and 14% magnesium - two essential electrolytes. One of our favorite brands we recommend is Harmless Harvest, a fair-trade company that only uses coconuts from sustainable and organic farming.

Fun fact: Did you know that coconut water is identical to human blood plasma? This means that in medical emergencies and dehydration, coconut water can technically be injected straight into the bloodstream. It is commonly used in third-world countries for this purpose.

Fruit Infused Water

We know drinking plain old water can get boring and that’s why we like to add a pop of color, flavor and occasional sparkle to ours. The first thing we do when we wake up in the morning to get our metabolism up and running is drinking a large glass of water with lemon. The lemon contains detoxifying properties to aid in digestion. During the day, we love throwing frozen raspberries or fresh orange, lime or lemon into a pitcher of water to leave in our fridge. For an on the go version of fruit infused water, Hint is a great brand. But our personal favorite way to drink our water is when it’s sparkling and naturally flavored in the form of La Croix. We recommend you try the coconut!

Eat Your Water!

It sounds silly but there are tons of fruits & veggies you can eat up this summer that have high levels of water content to keep you hydrated. Watermelon and strawberries are top on our list with 92% per volume. Cucumbers (96% water) are perfect for a mid-day snack chopped up and dipped in your favorite hummus, or tomatoes (94% water) which are the main star of many of our pizzas. Cauliflowers, green pepper and celery are great options too! Chop them up raw and add them into your favorite summer salad. #EatYourWater 

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