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Being thin and focusing on appearance are often seen as the ultimate signs of health. But it’s time we start to dig a little deeper; there are many other factors to consider. As humans, we come in all shapes and sizes that each work in their own way. Looking beyond your body fat percentage, look under the surface (of your skin, so to speak) and consider - how do you feel on the inside?

Are you tired once 3p.m. hits? Do you get feel energized in the morning? How are your muscles & joints feeling? Are your thoughts foggy, are you sick often?

These are the things that truly matter.

We’re not here to be the authority on your medical health, but we do have a couple pretty great resources that we turn to when looking for advice on this and other health-related topics.

Here is why we want to take the focus away from our appearance and weight, and direct it towards how our bodies are feeling on the inside.

  • Physical appearance is made up of a mix of genes and how they are expressed. Everyone is different in their own unique and individual way. Instead of spending our time comparing our outer appearance to others or what we wish we could fix about ourselves, we should better ourselves from the inside out!
  • Our exercises should focus on how we can gain strength, not how we can lose calories. 

So what IS healthy and what DOES matter? How can you ensure you’re on the right track?

1. Pay attention to your food! Eat lots of plants, some organic meat, healthy saturated fats (coconut oil and nuts), and occasional treats like dark chocolate (fill up on those antioxidants). 

  •  Eat good stuff until you’re satisfied, but don’t overeat. While we love stocking up on organic produce and meat because they benefit our bodies in so many ways, we still shouldn’t over consume them.
  • Stay hydrated throughout the day by having a water bottle with you on the go during the day. Try to consume at least eight 8-oz glasses of water a day. (Source) 
  • For an easy way to drink more water, try adding fresh fruit to yours or grab a sparkling water with your lunch. We’re huge fans of La Croix at the Simple Mills headquarters! 

2. Incorporate exercise into your daily routine, but keep the intensity to a minium! 

  • When we over-exert energy onto our bodies, we have to keep in mind they need time to recover. Ever hear the saying “less is more”? This applies with our bodies and exercise. Over-exertion causes stress and tension. 

  • It’s better to workout a few days a week, relax and recover than to over-exert yourself 7 days a week to find you “crash and burn” after a week of strenuous activity. 

  • Even when you go on walks around the city or take the stairs instead of the elevator at work, you’re still getting in movement! Not every day has to involve kettlebells and jump ropes. (Source
  • Short term workouts will benefit you in the long run!

  • Results of over-exercising:
    • Spikes in blood sugar
    • Depression and anxiety (the opposite of what we’d want)
    • Trouble sleeping  
Aside from watching what you put into your body and moving it daily, don’t forget to focus on other areas of your life such as spending time with family and friends, taking a nap here and there, exploring your neighborhood or doing a few fun crafts at home. 
When all of these things are in line, your body will regulate itself and be at balance.
Now THAT is more than any appearance or weight!


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