What's In Season This Fall and How To Use It

With all the hype around pumpkins this month, it’s easy to see how you might forget that there’s ANYTHING else to eat around here! But with cooler weather comes all kinds of new produce to love. As a reminder, it’s always best to opt for seasonal produce because it's often on sale, it urges you to change up what's apart of your diet and it allows you to bring new flavors to your plate. Some of our favorite meals to prepare during the fall and winter are soups & stews, but there’s no need to let things get dull. Switch it up with some of our favorite recipes for fall and winter.

Here are our top 5 seasonal items we look for when grocery shopping these next few months and our favorite ways to use them:



(Photo via Honestly Nourished

Beets contain key minerals for our bodies like potassium which help healthy nerve and muscle function, along with being high in Vitamin C (boosting our immunity). They're full of carbohydrates since they are a root vegetable. We recommend blending a plate of roasted beets in with some garbanzo beans to make this Seriously Simple Beet Hummus via Honestly Nourished. Pair it with our Fine Ground Sea Salt crackers for a quick lunch any time of the year, but especially during fall!


(Photo via The Little Epicurean

Persimmons are seasonal red-orange fruits that grow on trees like plums but look similar in shape to tomatoes. They carry 55% of one's daily Vitamin A and have high levels of fructose, so they're a bit on the sweeter side; making them the ideal topping for desserts. We love using this small fruit in oatmeal or in these Bruleed Persimmon Tarts with Maple Cinnamon Cream Cheese 


Did you know that parsnips used to be used as a sweetener in Europe before cane sugar existed? Due to their root being left in the ground for longer than most vegetables, they become naturally sweeter over time. This makes them the perfect replacement for regular potatoes when baking fries. The next time you make french fries, try these parsnip fries with harissa mayo from The Wellness Mama. 

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are the ultimate comfort food during the fall. They’re packed with Vitamin A (filled with beta-carotene), Vitamin C and fiber. Mash them, roast them or add them into a bowl with our pumpkin muffin mix to create these spiced sweet potato muffins.  Try swapping out cornbread or biscuits at this year’s Thanksgiving with a few of these small bites!

Winter Squash

Markets are overflowing with squash these days. They're the first produce you see when you walk into a store during this time of year. There’s delicata, acorn, butternut and of course our favorite: pumpkin. Most pizzerias in the city don't offer seasonal options so we decided to make our own with our Simple Mills Pizza Dough Mix. We top it off with brussels sprouts which are excellent in helping detoxify the body due to their phytonutrients. Roast some and toss them on your pizza like we did here

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