Tasting The Rainbow: A Guide to Naturally Dyed Frosting

September 12, 2016

At Simple Mills, we like to cook and bake with ingredients that our body can recognize and ones that properly fuel us. Because of this, we’ve got no time on our hands for artificial colors and preservatives! 

But of course we still want to taste the rainbow of baked treats and enjoy the versatility of our frosting. Afterall, who wouldn’t want to eat a pretty pink cupcake? 

We’ve cracked the code of how to get artificial food colorings out of our frostings while opting for a more natural route using spices, superfoods and vegetables to make our vanilla frostings pop on our cupcakes. 

Here’s how to do it.
Assorted frosted cupcakes with different color frosting

PINK - If you’ve ever cooked with beets before, you’ll know the juice stains everything! Your kitchen counter, your hands… but did you know it can be a good thing when it comes to dying frosting a bright pink hue? We like to add 1-2 teaspoons of beet juice per 1 jar of our frosting for that pop of pink.

No beet juice on hand? No problem! Try these natural food color packets or you can purchase beet powder at many health food stores in the bulk section. The more you add the darker the hue!

Did you know beets are packed with potassium which is essential for your nerves and muscles to function properly?


LIGHT GREEN - Did you know you could eat a cupcake AND take in antioxidants? Now you can when you dye our vanilla frosting with matcha! Matcha green tea powder is a more concentrated version of regular green tea meaning it has over 100x more antioxidants. It also helps lower cholesterol and boost your metabolism. While we love it in our lattes, adding a sprinkle of it into our frosting gets the job done for a beautiful green glow!

Always opt for ceremonial grade matcha which is matcha in it’s purest form, without sugar added.


YELLOW - We couldn’t dye our cupcakes without using Simple Mills’ favorite color… yellow, of course! Just a sprinkle of organic turmeric spice goes a long way into turning your frosting yellow. Less is more when using turmeric because the color is quite strong!

Turmeric is commonly used for it’s anti-inflammatory properties but is also high in beta-carotene so watch out when using it over white surfaces ;)

Simple Mills Organic Frosting with yellow coloring

Now that you’ve got the tools and knowledge to whip together colorful frostings, all you need is one of our baking mixes (we like to go with vanilla cake) and a tub of frosting for the color of your choice. Find our frostings in a store near you here!

Frosted cupcake with yellow frosting


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