4 Easy Ways to Eat More Vegetables According to a Dietitian

December 19, 2018

When it comes to making changes, it’s best to start small, especially if you want these changes to be sustainable for the entire year. By focusing on changing one habit each day or week, you ultimately create new, positive habits over time. This month, we partnered with Registered Dietician, May Zhu to discover her four simple and delicious ways to get your daily serving (or more) of veggies. Here’s how you can eat more vegetables in the New Year.

Vegan Carrot Cheese Dip served with Almond flour crackers Farmhouse cheddar

#1 Blend Them 

A super easy way to add more vegetables into your daily diet is to blend them. Add leafy greens like spinach, kale or Swiss Chard to your favorite recipes or grab a handful of hearty vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower and squash then puree them. These vegetables can then be added to dipssauces and smoothies.

Lightened up chicken pot pie made with Almond Flour Baking Mix Artisan Bread

#2 Layer Them

Another great way to get your daily serving of vegetables is to make one meal per day a multi-layered vegetable salad. For example, choose one leafy green like arugula, kale, mixed greens, Romaine or spinach then select three crunchy and colorful vegetables to add on top. Think vegetables like carrots, cucumbers and roasted brussel sprouts. Be sure to select an array of colors to harness the power of plants. When in doubt, toss in a handful of microgreens. These baby greens are small, but mighty. Just one serving contains over 20x more concentrated nutrients than their regular mature greens. Microgreens also add a great texture to any savory dish.

Tip: Looking for a light snack? Try these Beet Hummus, Avocado and Micro Greens Cracker Bites.
Nut butter snack packs are a great snack


#3 Snack on Them

Vegetables make for a great snack. Whether you enjoy them on their own or smothered in your favorite dip, hummus or nut butter, veggies are a great go-to. Get creative in the kitchen and roast a batch of kale and turn them into kale chipsDon’t forget the nutritional yeast for a cheesy and delicious umami flavor. Veggies leftover from your lunchtime layered salad? Grab some carrotscelery or zucchini sticks and transform them into tasty fries.

Sprouted Chickpea Salad Sandwich made with almond flour baking mix artisan bread

#4 Add Them to Any Dish

Vegetables compliment almost any dish, so pick your favorite dish or recipe and see if you can incorporate extra greens. Making a flatbread, pizzapasta or sandwich? Pile on the vegetables! 

Reach your daily serving of vegetables with these four easy and delicious tips from May Zhu, RDN and be sure to show us how you reach your daily serving of veggies by tagging us @SimpleMills

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